Karapatan Monitor January to March 2018

Choke all dissenting voices 
and strangle any semblance of democratic rule:
the malevolent mantra of Duterte’s leadership

Illustrating the Duterte regime’s “accomplishments” for the first three months of 2018 is his government troops’ tramping on a road littered with the lifeless and blood-soaked bodies of Filipinos. People remained on edge with an entire spectrum of violations being used against individuals, organizations and communities which rising resistance against Duterte’s antipeople policies are getting stronger.

Duterte’s forked tongue has been wagging with insults and cusses. He throws up the promises that he so confidently touted when he was elected. After two years of his presidency, it has become apparent that many of his pronouncements were mere lip  service, coupled with a derisive unapologetic statement: “Naniwala pala kayo? (You actually believed me?)”
Duterte is consistent in one thing – his being inconsistent.


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