PCGG abolition a treacherous move to block the recovery of Marcos ill-gotten wealth - SELDA

Rights group SELDA (Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto) condemns the passage of House Bill 7376 by the House of Representatives abolishing the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) and transferring its powers and functions to the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG).

“Abolishing the PCGG is a treacherous move to block further recovery of the Marcos ill-gotten wealth, That's the Duterte government in cahoots with the Marcoses, ” said Trinidad "Ka Trining" Herrera-Repuno, SELDA Chairperson.

SELDA, the association of former political detainees, which was instrumental in filing a class suit against the estate of Ferdinand Marcos and winning the case in a Hawaii court, condemned the abolition of the PCGG as it will finally put a stop to recovering more public funds stolen by the Marcoses, letting all efforts go down the drain.

The PCGG is mandated to recover an estimated $10 billion (P500 billion) accumulated by the late dictator  Ferdinand Marcos while in power. About a third of the amount has been recovered, but over 200 cases related to the stolen wealth are still pending.  Much more can be discovered and recovered. 

“While we had criticized the PCGG’s inefficiency and lackadaisical manner in the recovery of the Marcos ill-gotten wealth, abolition of the agency is far worse. This action goes along with the grand scheme of the political rehabilitation of the Marcoses, now sponsored by the Duterte government,” explained Ka Trining, a veteran mass leader in Tondo's ZOTO. 

"Transferring the PCGG functions to a government agency headed by a Marcos apologist like Solicitor General Jose Calida is lunacy to say the least, but what can you expect from Malacanang?" she quipped. 

”We even think Calida is put to this task because he has proven himself to be much in favor of the Marcoses. He defended the hero’s burial of Marcos. He was callous enough to announce that he was open to a compromise agreement with the the family. What could be more perfect in economically sustaining and politically rehabilitating the Marcoses than by assigning another Marcos fan from the Duterte administration who can be depended upon to kill any move against the Marcoses," added Danilo dela Fuente, SELDA Vice-Chairperson. 

SELDA reiterates that the public should stand firm that all Marcos ill-gotten wealth should be recovered and returned to the Filipino people including those who fought against and suffered under martial law. ###

Reference: Danny dela Fuente, SELDA Vice Chairperson, 0918-5739875