National artist home cased by AFP intelligence units

Initial reports revealed that at around 6:00 am of September 17, 2006, three men were seen taking photos of the home of National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera in Mapayapa Village, Quezon City. The Lumberas’ house helpers noticed the men taking photos of the house at all angles.

Alarmed, the Lumberas immediately called the Village security personnel who quickly responded to the residence. The security was only able to apprehend one of the men, identified by his Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ID as Corporal Hannival Mondido Guerrero. Guerrero’s companions quickly escaped when the village security arrived. 

Guerrero’ was questioned by village security why he was casing the Lumbera home. Guerrero insisted that he was only interested in the vacant lot beside the Lumbera home.

The village security turned over custody of Guerrero to the local police. The PNP released Mondido shortly after questioning and after Prof. Lumbera filed a complaint.

The Philippine Navy confirmed to the media that Guerrero is indeed a member of the Philippine Marines and that he’s undergoing “surveillance training” under the military’s Naval Intelligence Security Force.