As cops kill 3-year-old girl in drug bust, Karapatan renews call to end Duterte’s drug war

“Despite the public outrage on Duterte’s war against illegal drugs that has killed thousands of individuals in police operations and vigilante-style killings, this regime seems relentless in pushing for an ineffective, militarist policy. The death of a 3-year-old girl is the tragic reflection of the irreparable damage and loss to Filipino families," said Christina Palabay, Karapatan Secretary-General.

According to reports, last Sunday, June 30, 3-year-old Myca Ulpina was shot in a police operation in Rizal, a province near Metro Manila. Authorities claimed that Renato, the father of Myka was the one targeted in the drug bust, but “the father used his child as human shield.”

“Karapatan reiterates its condemnation on Duterte’s bloody war. The death of a 3-year-old is unjustifiable, regardless of the twisted justifications that the PNP attempts to give. The police continue to operate on  a "shoot now, ask later" policy and are enjoying protection. This continuing level of violations and neglect of people's lives and right to due process is borne out of the government's continued implementation of this ruthless policy, with the police enjoying protection and shielded by impunity,” added Palabay.

The Karapatan official said that given the thousands of lives already lost, the war on drugs should immediately end. She also supported calls for the immediate investigation of human rights violations in line with the government's anti-narcotics campaign and its counterinsurgency program. “More than ever, our state forces have become brazen, fueled by the permission and resources that this government has given them. Perpetrators need to be reminded that their mandate is not to kill, to trample on people's rights, and to target poor, innocent children. Halfway into Duterte's term, how many more Filipinos in poor communities will suffer, be subjected to violations, and be left reeling with the loss?"

Karapatan also expressed support for the resolution which was submitted by Iceland at the UN Human Rights Council yesterday. The draft resolution urged the Philippine government to stop extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. “We hope that the UN HRC will heed the appeal of victims of human rights violations and act decisively to push for accountability,” Palabay said. 

“We demand justice for all the victims of this vicious government. Duterte and his lapdogs should be made accountable. As Duterte nears his 3rd year, criminality remains and his policies have only led to the massacre and the murder of poor Filipinos," Palabay concluded.