Karapatan: More rights violations to come with Duterte’s “shoot them dead” order

President Rodrigo Duterte seems to be so threatened of the brewing social unrest of his own doing because his government is failing in addressing the people's legitimate demands for socio-economic aid and relief amid the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Like the true utak-pulbura that he is, Duterte suddenly decides to address the nation not to assure us of aid and medical services, but to reiterate his militarist policy and to send a death threat to Filipinos exercising our duty as stated in the Philippine Constitution — to protect the nation and our rights of tyrannical, negligent and anti-people administrations such as Duterte’s. 

We are seriously alarmed that the President’s words will translate to worse and more brutal forms of human rights violations, repression, and State violence in the days to come.

The other times he uttered the words "shoot them dead," he said them in the context of the “drug war” and his counterinsurgency programs — and last night, he has commanded his bloodthirsty army and policemen to kill even more. People are already dying of sickness and hunger, and the fascist and inutile Duterte regime's answer is murder.

Indeed, there is a much deadlier virus than COVID-19. It is being wielded by no less than the President, who is responsible for the thousands of lives lost borne out of his murderous, brazen and anti-poor policies.

We will not be cowed by the fascist madman's death threats. His days in power are already numbered.