Karapatan to BS Aquino: Convict Palparan before end of term

"We dare BS Aquino to use his power to convict Gen. Palparan before he exits his post," Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay said. Palparan, arrested same time last year for charges of kidnapping and serious illegal detention of students Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan, was brought to Philippine Army custody a month after his 'arrest'. "Palparan is still on staycation," Palabay said.
"We also urge the Dept. of Justice to pursue the case against Palparan in the Office of the Ombudsman for kidnapping and serious illegal detention charges filed by complainant Raymond and Reynaldo Manalo," Palabay said. The Ombudsman recently found probable cause on the Manalo brothers' charges against Palparan. The two were abducted, tortured and held in captive by Palparan's men for a year and a half in 2006-2007. They were able to escape their captors in 2007. It was during their captivity that they met disappeared student activists Cadapan and Empeno. 
"Present-day Palparans are being promoted one by one by the BS Aquino administration, like Gen. Eduardo Ano to Army Chief, Gen. Ricardo Visaya as chief of Southern Luzon Command and Gen. Hernando Iriberri to AFP chief. Two of them, Ano and Visaya are Palparan trained," Palabay said. "But don't be too proud of yourself, Gen. Butcher, for training other butchers like you. They too, who are cowards like you, will face accountability for the human rights violations and violations on international humanitarian law committed under their command," Palabay said. 
Recently Judge Teodora Gonzalez, the trial judge of the kidnapping and serious illegal detention of the two UP students Empeno and Cadapan, has inhibited from the case. "The move further delays the pursuit of justice for Palparan’s victims," Palabay said. "But we will remain vigilant." 


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