PNOY government’s promise to arrest Palparan a “show off”

“The P-Noy government’s failure to arrest the fugitive Gen. Jovito Palparan more than a month after the Regional Trial Court of Bulacan issued a warrant of arrest allows Palparan and his lawyers to play with truth, justice and sadly, the emotions of the mothers of the two missing students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno,” said Jigs Clamor, deputy Secretary General of Karapatan.  

In today’s hearing at Malolos RTC branch 14, Atty. Narzal Mallares and Atty. Jesus I. Santos appeared as counsels for the fugitive general. During the proceedings, the two lawyers resorted to senseless and futile arguments in an effort to question the jurisdiction of the court against their client, to delay the proceedings and to confuse the plaintiffs.

Atty. Jesus I. Santos, who served as the legal spokesperson and lawyer of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, came in court with no conformity from Jovito Palparan and Rizal Hilario. Palparan’s counsels, attempted to break out from the issue by manifesting in open court that Atty. Santos received a call informing him that the two students are “still alive.” Asked about the truthfulness of the allegation, Santos simply said that he had “verified” it and refused to divulge any more information. 

“This is obviously a desperate shot to divert the attention of the public. If Sherlyn and Karen are still alive, they must surface the two students. Their mothers have waited long enough; this is tantamount to obstruction of justice. They cannot coddle the fugitives as long as they want. Palparan and his protectors cannot get away with the cases filed against them,” 

The prosecution panel asserts that the cases of Kidnapping and Illegal Detention still stand whatever supervening event may occur. 

“The failure of the P-Noy government to arrest Palparan is clearly a manifestation of its lackadaisical attitude. It is obviously not serious in prosecuting human rights violator. As long as Palparan and his ilk continue to mock the courts, human rights violators will go on playing with the emotions of the victims’ families not only adding salt to an already gaping wound but insulting a people’s concept of democracy. And for as long as Palparan remains a fugitive, IMPUNITY remains a major problem in the country,” concluded Clamor. 


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