SELDA on Sen. Bongbong Marcos' bid for vice president

The vice-presidential candidacy of the son and namesake of the late, unlamented dictator Ferdinand Marcos has only further confirmed the Marcoses’ delusion of (returning to) continuing power to (re-)establish their brand of anti-people and fascist rule. That such a political charlatan could have the gall to project himself as pro-democracy and pro-people speaks volumes about his malevolence. He has been short of telling us that the Marcoses have been God’s gift to the Philippines.
Senator Marcos and the rest of his family have never admitted to the desecration of whatever kind of democracy the country has had prior to 1972 when the old Marcos imposed martial law in the Philippines. Bongbong the great pretender to democratic principles has been consistent with the stand of his father that martial law was the best thing that ever happened to the Philippines, and that no human rights violation was ever committed by his father and his dictatorship.
What is good about his vice-presidential candidacy is that fascist elitism and human rights violations, of which Bongbong Marcos is the current presentor, will be a prominent item in the national discourse at least during the election period.
Bongbong Marcos’ vice-presaidential candidacy is a clarion call not only for the countless victims of martial law, but for all freedom-loving Filipinos to wage the strongest struggle against the resurrection of the Marcos type of rapacious and fascist rule. ### 

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