November, 2013

NDFP consultant, political prisoner Ramon Patriarca holds hunger strike

Ramon PatriarcaPolitical prisoner Ramon Patriarca today started holding a hunger strike to call for the release of all political prisoners and as a symbolic gesture to keep the people’s vigilance alive in the fight against pork barrel and all its forms. 

BS Aquino should be the one investigated, instead of LGU’s – Camp Crame political prisoners

“When Pres. Aquino was lambasted by foreign media for his absence of leadership and lack of resolve during the time of grave crisis, he had the gall to order that the mayor of Tacloban City be investigated when he (BS Aquino) should be charged with criminal neglect and incompetence,“ said the political prisoners in Camp Crame, Quezon City in reaction to BS Aquino’s threat to investigate Tacloban Mayor and other local government units for the casualties in the aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan).

Karapatan raises concern over heavy presence of AFP, US troops in disaster areas

“We are aware that Samar and Leyte and, the provinces of Negros and Panay are among the priority areas of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ counterinsurgency program, Oplan Bayanihan. We do not want a repeat of human rights violations experienced by the survivors of typhoon Pablo in 2012. We do not want another Cristina Jose who was killed because she demanded for relief goods for her and her community members,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay. 

Blaming the victims

“The Philippines government may have been slow in its response to typhoon Haiyan, but it has been extraordinarily quick in trying to put the blame on others,” said Rev. Canon Barry Naylor, Honorary Chair of the Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines-United Kingdom.courtesy of 

Nine years after Luisita massacre: No justice, rights violations continue under BS Aquino

"Nine years after the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, the struggle of the farm workers continues. The killings, human rights violations and deceit continue. There has been absolutely no justice attained under the BA Aquino administration," Cristina Palabay, Karapatan secretary general said. 

In November 16, 2004, thirteen Luisita farmworkers were massacred they were on strike, demanding decent wages and land distribution. The big landlord clans of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos own the more than 5,000-hectare wide Hacienda Luisita.

BS Aquino gov’t proves itself useless for the nth time

Human rights organization Karapatan today said, “TheBS Aquino government’s so-called relief operation in calamity areas is equally disastrous as typhoon Yolanda. It’s been almost a week since the typhoon struck but people still cry for water, food, medicine and shelter. People who survived the typhoon are dying because of the government inability to respond to the situation.”

Military torturers of detained security guard are still lying through their teeth

"The fact that the Court Appeals have ruled that Rolly Panesa is his person and not of Benjamin Mendoza, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has been proven to have lied about Panesa's identity. The military is still lying in their defence to charges of torture, perjury and incriminatory machination," Cristina Palabay, secretary general of Karapatan said during the pre-trial hearing of Rolly Panesa's case filed against false witnesses and military officials who arrested him based on the warrant for Mendoza. 

Grant of bail to Kapunan: Decades of impunity from Cory Aquino to Noynoy Aquino

“To grant the petition for bail of Eduardo Kapunan, Jr., accused in the Olalia-Alay-ay double murder case, citing that the evidence of guilt is not strong is a clear mockery of justice. The witnesses presented by the prosecution and their testimonies showed direct participation of the accused and the conspiracy of top military officials then namely former Defense secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and Gen. Gregorio Honasan,” Secretary General of Karapatan, Cristina Palabay said.