December, 2015

As ceasefire starts, Karapatan calls for military pull-out from Lumad communities

"As the Yuletide ceasefire between the BS Aquino regime and the communist rebels starts today, December 23, Karaparatan reiterates its call for the Armed Forces of the Philippines to totally pull out its troops and paramilitary groups in peasant and Lumad communities," Cristina Palabay, Secretary General of Karapatan said.

Four civilians in General Trias, Cavite tortured, illegally arrested by state agents

Dear friends,

Please join us in our call to immediately release Jose Nayve, Armando Matres, Rommel Nuñez, and George Bruce who were arbitrarily arrested by the police on November 23, 2015 who were allegedly in a “hot pursuit” operation after a telecommunications manhole exploded in General Trias Cavite.

Nayve, Matres, Nuñez, and Bruce were simultaneously and arbitrarily arrested at a “peryahan” in Brgy. Manggahan General Trias Cavite. Nayve, provincial coordinator of transport group PISTON, heard a gunshot when he was approached by men from the barangay. Immediately after, police arrested him and forced him into a police mobile while he was being kicked at the back.

Detained NDFP peace consultant hospitalized, seeks release on humanitarian ground

Political detainee Eduardo Serrano, 62, was rushed to the Taguig General Hospital yesterday morning, December 16, after he experienced chest pains. It turned out Serrano had a myocardial infarction (heart attack).  Private physicians of Serrano from the Health Alliance for Human Rights (HAHR) sought his transfer to the Heart Center of the Philippines where he is now confined at the Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. He is set to undergo angioplasty.


Two Supporters of #STOPLUMADKILLINGS Campaign Harassed by Military

Dear friends,

Karapatan lambasts torture and illegal arrest of 4 civilians in General Trias

On November 23, 2015, at around 12:30 in the morning,  Jose Nayve, Armando Matres, George Bruce and Rommel Nuñez were arbitrarily arrested by the elements of the  Philippine National Police (PNP) at a “peryahan” in Brgy. Manggahan, General Trias, Cavite. The police allegedly was in a hot pursuit operation after perpetrators of an explosion that happened at a telecommunications manhole in Brgy. Javalera, General Trias, Cavite.  

Lumad girl finds joy amid hardships

With fellow Manobo kids

​Gleeza Joy Belandres (right) 

Aida Seisa | The Lumád woman as a fighter and survivor

Free Khalida Jarrar, free all Palestinian political prisoners!

Free All Palestinian Political Prisoners

We, in Commission 3 (Defense of Human Rights at the Collective and Individual Levels in the Civil. Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Fields) of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), vehemently condemn the continuing persecution of Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar, former executive director and current vice-chair of the board of directors of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. 

KARAPATAN Statement on Rodrigo Duterte's declarations on State-sponsored violence

KARAPATAN Statement regarding Duterte’s repeated declarations justifying and encouraging state-sponsored violence, specifically the resort to extrajudicial killings, in order to curb criminality and impose law and order

KARAPATAN human rights alliance denounces presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte’s repeated, unabashed, and categorical statements justifying the state’s use of extrajudicial killings as a solution to social ills as well as to corruption and malfeasance in government.  


No human rights in the mind of a corrupt, puppet, and fascist president

Today, human rights groups, victims and relatives of human rights violations and members of progressive groups bring before the public an image of a “jailed Noynoy” as a symbol of their desire to see the real-life Aquino in jail for his offenses against people’s rights.   

BS Aquino's peace is ‘peace of the graveyard’

Int'l Human Rights Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan
"There is no, and there will never be, peace in BS Aquino’s 'tuwid na daan,'" Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay said on the eve of the 65th International Human Rights Day. "There will be more human rights violations, as his counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan approaches its deadline and BS Aquino stubbornly refuses to sit and talk peace with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP)," Palabay said. 

Manilakbayan to AFP’s Iriberri: Arrest and dismantle paramilitary groups

Int'l Human Rights Day Countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan.
QUEZON CITY – From one Surigao native to another.

A lumad youth who lost her father and a school director from paramilitary killings demand Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Hernando Iriberri to arrest the killers to show his sincerity to bring justice to the Manobo community in Surigao del Sur.

More troops, lumad displacements after Manilakbayan hit

Int'l Human Rights Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan
Human rights day for the lumads in Mindanao is a farce, says the group which headed the Manilakbayan ng Mindanao that called national attention on lumads displaced by the military.

Ignoring victims’ calls for justice makes Aquino’s crimes vs the people more severe

Intl Human Rights Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan

Following the call of the relatives and victims of human rights violations to jail BS Aquino, Karapatan today scored the regime’s conspicuously dedma attitude on the unabated killings as a result of its counterinsurgency program Oplan Bayanihan. “We are one with the call of the victims of human rights violations to put BS Aquino to jail. The regime not only continues to act like there are no human rights violations happening, but also continues to attack the people with absolute brazenness,” said Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay.

State forces raped women, 7 of 10 victims are minors

Intl HR Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan

"Soldiers do not only kill, they rape children, too," Cristina Palabay, Karapatan secretary general said on the 5th day of countdown to December 10, International Human Rights Day. "Amid the rising political killings under the BS Aquino regime, 10 women have been raped by state forces; and seven of them are minors," Palabay said.


Jail Noynoy, rights victims and kin demand--Hustisya

Int'l HR Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan
"Tuwid na daan, wakasan!" relatives and victims of human rights violations under the BS Aquino government said today.  
"BS Aquino should be held liable and put in jail for all his crimes against us," the group Hustisya (Victims United for Justice) said. As part of the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day, victims of state perpetrated violence gathered today at the CICM Provincial House to call for the jailing of Aquino.

Bring the bakwit home for Christmas

Int’l Human Rights Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan

"We demand the immediate pull-out of troops from Lumad communities to stop the exodus of people from the villages and to let the bakwit (evacuees) go home for the holidays," Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay said, as Karapatan criticized the BS Aquino regime’s callousness on the plight of the thousands of Lumad in evacuation centers in Mindanao.

photo by Kilab Multimedia 

AlDub Political Prisoners

There are now a number of AlDub political prisoners here at Camp Bagong Diwa. Among them are the AlDub couples, Ruben Saluta / Precy Estrada, Alex Birondo / Winona Oñate, and Adel Silva / Sharon Cabusao, who have been among those foully transferred last September and October from Philippine National Police detention in Camp Crame to Bureau of Jail Management and Penology detention here in Camp Bagong Diwa. All the other male and female political prisoners, separated by gender here at Camp Bagong Diwa, are actually also AlDub political prisoners -- as they have been confined in order to be separated from the mass of the people, especially the oppressed and exploited, to whom they have devoted to the fullest their hearts, their work and the whole of their lives.

In Aquino’s Tuwid na Daan, human rights are trampled upon

Int’l Human Rights Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan 

TODAY is the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners.  Declared by the International League of People’s Struggles, it is being observed by people’s organizations here and abroad to mobilize support for justice and freedom for political prisoners all over the world.




Prisons all over the world teem with political prisoners. The former symbolizes power, control, repression; the latter, consciousness, freedom, struggle. The former desires to keep the status quo; the latter, to dismantle the unjust structures, free the world from their rein and bring about substantive change.

BS Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan killed 28 children

Int’l Human Rights Day countdown: Tuwid na daan, wakasan 

“Whoever hails to continue BS Aquino’s gruesome trail, the ‘tuwid na daan’ (righteous path), is as monstrous as Aquino and his soldiers," Cristina Palabay, Karapatan secretary general said today, nine days before the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day. “The path is awashed with the blood of 304 victims of extrajudicial killing, 28 of them children.” Of the 28 children killed, 12 are indigenous people. 

#TuwidNaDaanWakasan #StopTheKillings#StopTheKillings 

AFP-backed paramilitaries killed 94 civilians under the BS Aquino regime

Int’l Human Rights Day countdown: tuwid na daan wakasan

“We call on the Aquino regime to enforce the warrant of arrest against the members of the Magahat-Bagani paramilitary groups involved in the September 1 massacre of Alcadev executive director Emerito Samarca and Lumad leaders Dionel Campos and Juvello Sinzo. It has been three months since the massacre yet, these AFP-backed paramilitary members and the AFP units responsible for the massacre remain scot-free and continue to sow terror in the Lumad communities,” Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay said.