May, 2020

Karapatan: Railroading draconian amendments to anti-terror bill to further erode rights situation in PH

Railroading the passage of the draconian amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Bill will further erode the already dismal human rights situation in the Philippines, human rights watchdog Karapatan warned, as the group denounced the adoption of the Senate version of the bill yesterday, May 29, by the House of Representatives Committees on Public Order and Safety and on National Defense and Security.

Submissions of EcuVoice Network to the OHCHR

The Philippine Human Rights Situation

A Compendium of Executive Summaries of the Submissions to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights in Relation to the UN Human Rights Council Resolution 41/2 

Karapatan: With blood trail in Negros, dozens of HRVs, Sinas should be made accountable

As President Rodrigo Duterte made a statement in defense of Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas, the Metro Manila police chief who breached quarantine protocols for a birthday feté, human rights group Karapatan asserted that the top cop should be made accountable, saying he should have been investigated and relieved from post long before breaking quarantine policies because of the multiple human rights violations that were committed in Negros during his stint as Central Visayas police chief.

Karapatan warns of growing threats to freedom of expression as gov’t jails salesman for post vs Duterte, Go

As a social media post against President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Bong Go led to the illegal arrest of a 41-year-old salesman in Agusan del Norte, human rights group Karapatan expressed its deep concern over the palpable crackdown on dissent, saying that the already-diminished space for free expression for Filipinos dismayed with the Duterte administration is fast shrinking.

Continuing killings, mass arrests, military harassment amid lockdown reveal Duterte regime’s priorities

The Duterte government is desperately intensifying its counterinsurgency operations as a cover-up for its failure in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts, human rights watchdog Karapatan said, as the group decried the continuing killings, arrests, and harassment of farmers and activists at the hands of police and military forces.

Karapatan hits online threats, harassment vs rights activists in Cordillera

Human rights group Karapatan decried the online threats, harassment and vilification against officers, including their families, of people's rights organization Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA), after the group called out the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in an incident when two military helicopters dropped leaflets red-tagging several groups conducting relief efforts for communities most affected by the pandemic.

Budget for PH arms deal with US should be rechanelled to health services, food aid for poor Filipinos — Karapatan

Human rights group Karapatan questioned the Philippine government’s planned acquisition of billions of pesos worth of war materiel and armaments from the United States amid calls for increased public funding for public health services and financial aid for poor families in light of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edita Burgos on the ABS-CBN shutdown

We are not only saddened by the shutdown of ABS-CBN; we are also deeply alarmed. For the shutdown to be done on a day after World Press Freedom Day, the message to “tow the line or suffer the same fate of ABS-CBN,” is a clear threat. We are alarmed that soon, other media outlets would follow. Without the freedom of the press, there is the danger of other freedoms to be lost. God forbid, these are the first 'test signs' of curtailing other rights. While the situation limits our option to protest this move, we must do what we can.

Karapatan asserts call for political prisoners’ release as gov’t agencies relax rules for pardon, executive clemency

As the rules for pardon and executive clemency were reissued and relaxed in a bid to decongest jails in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, human rights group Karapatan reiterated that political prisoners, especially the elderly and the sick who are most at risk of contracting the deadly and fast-spreading virus, should not be excluded.

Crackdown amid lockdown: Duterte fast-tracks Marcosian delusions of fascist dictatorship with more attacks on press freedom

Ordering the shutdown of ABS-CBN in the middle of a pandemic is a blatant attack on press freedom that dangerously infringes on the people’s right to information, human rights watchdog Karapatan warned, as the group assailed the National Telecommunications Commission’s cease-and-desist order against the broadcasting network.

Resist attacks on ABS-CBN and press freedom! —Karapatan

Karapatan stands in solidarity with journalists and freedom of expression advocates against this blatant attack on press freedom with the recent National Telecommunications Commission’s cease and desist order against ABS-CBN. It is truly abhorrent that this order comes in the middle of a public health crisis where the free press plays a crucial role in keeping the public informed on relevant, verified, and life-saving information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prisoners are already dying from COVID-19, free political prisoners now! —Karapatan

As the Supreme Court deliberates on the petition for the humanitarian release of prisoners today, human rights alliance Karapatan sounded alarm over the possible underreporting of deaths of inmates as the group reiterated its urgent demand to decongest jails by granting temporary liberty for vulnerable prisoners, including political prisoners, especially the sick and elderly with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country’s detention facilities.

Instead of addressing mass poverty and hunger on Labor Day, Duterte unleashes mass arrests and fascism

Human rights group Karapatan assailed the “brutality and sheer lack of compassion” of the Duterte administration as it enforced a “policy of mass arrests and fascism instead of addressing mass hunger and the grossly inadequate government response on International Workers’ Day.”