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Genuine independence upholds the democratic rights of the people

The arrest and detention of student activist Emmanuel Mijares of the Ateneo de Naga University for chanting “walang pagbabago, sa ilalim ni Aquino” (nothing has changed under the Aquino administration) underscores the kind of freedom and democracy in the country. After the said incident, members of the Presidential Security Guards punched Mijares and forced into his mouth the streamer he was holding. 

Inhuman and Degrading Prison Conditions

The case of Andrea Rosal exemplifies the dreadful situation in Philippine prisons and detention centers. Rosal is a woman political prisoner whose only offense, if one would consider it as such, is being the daughter of the late spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines Ka Roger Rosal. She faces charges of murder and kidnapping with murder after she was arrested in Caloocan City on March 27. To make things worse for Andrea, 28, she is now in her full term and due to give birth to a baby girl anytime soon. This is her first pregnancy and she barely knows what to expect.



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