Karapatan welcomes CHR findings on drug war killings

Photo by Lucky Dela Rosa/Philippine Collegian

We welcome the findings of the Commission on Human Rights on the violations in the Duterte government’s sham and bloody drug war. Their investigation only confirms what we have known all along: the killings are widespread, the intent of the perpetrators to kill — contrary to the “nanlaban” or self-defense narrative being peddled to justify these killings — and that the policemen involved in these incidents were recommended to be rewarded, recognized, or promoted.

Clearly, the killings were and are still being committed with impunity. The findings are significantly more detailed and wider in scope compared to the earlier findings from the Department of Justice’s review, this despite the recurring obstacles in accessing police records regarding these cases. We hope that the findings lead to the filing of cases and prosecution of the perpetrators of these killings and to hold them accountable. Nonetheless, given these obstacles in obtaining justice, the findings of the Commission on Human Rights only underscore the urgency of an international, independent, and impartial investigation into the drug war and the human rights situation in the Philippines.

Cristina Palabay
Karapatan Secretary General