On Malayao’s death anniv, Karapatan blasts Duterte regime’s impunity; calls for justice, accountability

One year since the merciless and brazen killing of peace consultant and staunch human rights activist Randy Felix Malayao, justice remains elusive as the government continues its all-out war against individuals who are opposing his fascist policies.

“Karapatan condemns in strongest terms, the Duterte administration’s intensifying tyranny – the very root of its ruthless campaigns which led to the cold-blooded murder of Malayao and all the other victims of his abusive regime. A year ago, he was shot to death while onboard a bus in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya,” Karapatan deputy secretary-general Roneo Clamor said.

As justice remains elusive for Malayao and all the other victims of Duterte’s extrajudicial killings, human rights defenders are enraged with how the government is promoting the culture of impunity, while rewarding its uniformed men for every violence perpetrated against the Filipino people.

“We reiterate, we hold the Duterte regime and his military cohorts responsible for the ruthless death of Malayao and that they should be accountable not only for this certain case, but of all the other attacks this government has perpetrated against individuals who tirelessly work for social reforms and just peace. After a year, perpetrators of Malayao’s killing has remained scotfree,” he said.

According to the Karapatan official, prior to his death, Malayao went to the nation’s capital to attend to his duties in the peace process, a work that was “genuinely and wholeheartedly embraced” by the slain consultant: “Malayao offered not only his time, but also his life for the sake of peace and social change, but the Duterte regime, instead of responding positively to the people’s clamor for just and lasting peace, has constantly put the peace process in peril.”

Since Duterte took office, the country had witnessed his flip-flops on the peace process. The killing of Malayao exposed this regime’s disinterest in bringing peace. “With the peace process relentlessly undermined by this regime and its military, the government continues its violations.”

“With the worsening climate of impunity, alongside with this government’s tyrannical policies and disinterest in achieving a just and lasting peace, nothing is posed but a greater risk not only for political dissenters and human rights activists, but most especially to Filipinos who belong to poor and marginalized sectors,” said Clamor.

“Justice and accountability therefore must remain as key issues in the peace process. We remain steadfast in pursuing genuine peace, as together with other sectors, we reiterate our call for the resumption of the peace negotiations and for the halt to all human rights violations of this administration,” he concluded.


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