Marcoses’ shameless display of opulence, blatant efforts to distort history signs of worse things to come

The Marcoses are back, and five days on under the Marcos Jr.’s administration, it seems like they have never left: Imelda is once again partying inside the halls of Malacañang in a shameless display of opulence amid worsening poverty brought by soaring inflation and the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities.

Even more brazen are their sustained efforts to distort history and to whitewash their family’s atrocious legacy. From Imee and Marcos Jr.’s vlogs, to Darryl Yap’s “Maid in Malacañang” film, established historical facts are now being reduced to “chismis” or mere gossip and opinion, and replaced with outright lies glorifying the Marcos family name.

This has long been the Marcoses’ game plan — a campaign decades in the making. Nonetheless, if the Marcoses’ first five days in their return to power are of any indication, their shameless display of opulence, blatant efforts to lie, and refusal to answer to matters of public interest paint a grim portrait of an unmistakably Marcosian governance. They are signs of worse things to come.

Cristina Palabay
Karapatan Secretary General