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Karapatan urges CHR, Facebook to investigate online red-tagging, digital security threats

Human rights watchdog Karapatan called on the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and Facebook to launch a probe over the cases of online red-tagging in the country amid controversy over the recent reported cases of duplicate dummy Facebook accounts of activists as well as ordinary individuals expressing views critical of the government. 

On the Philippine government's rejection to implement UN OHCHR recommendations

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights received a staggering 893 written submissions and 793 individually signed template-based letters. It had discussions with government representatives. It has validated the data received from numerous sources. It interviewed victims and witnesses. It has formed its conclusions and recommendations based on its independent and impartial process — and it has concluded that the human rights situation in the Philippines is rapidly deteriorating.

Karapatan: UN report on PH rights situation shows why anti-terror bill should be junked

Human rights watchdog Karapatan welcomed the “timely” release of the report of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR) on the human rights situation in the Philippines, which came amid strong public backlash on the looming passage of the Anti-Terrorism Bill. Karapatan said that the UN report outlines the deteriorating state of human rights in the country — showing exactly why the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill should be junked.

Rejoinder to Senator Panfilo Lacson

I challenge Sen. Ping Lacson to come out with emailed or received copies of invitations to known human rights organizations in the Philippines whom the Senate invited to the committee hearings. Karapatan and its members only knew about these hearings when media reports quoting generals come out.

Karapatan: Railroading passage of anti-terror bill in rubber stamp Congress already a clear sign of dictatorship

Human rights watchdog Karapatan is sounding alarm over the passage of the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill on its third and final reading at the House of Representative after President Rodrigo Duterte certified the bill as urgent.