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Karapatan assails possible release of convicted criminal Sanchez amid widespread illegal arrests of political prisoners

Rights group Karapatan vehemently condemns the possible release of convicted murderer and rapist Antonio Sanchez.

Karapatan: Let’s mourn and fight for Negros

“State terrorism torments Negros. Civilians are being killed, as the police and the military are on a rampage to destroy communities. Oplan Sauron has claimed the lives of 41 civilians since its implementation, and in the past months, the country bore witness to the region’s bloodiest days. State forces wear their mercenary uniforms, usually a black mask and civilian clothing, and ride their motorcycle to hound and eventually kill their victims – at night or in broad daylight.

Karapatan: Intensified police presence in campuses, an attack on academic freedom & prelude to military take-over of schools

Rights alliance Karapatan rejects former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief and Senator Roland “Bato” dela Rosa’s proposal to enact a law that will allow intensified police visibility in campuses, as well as the PNP’s calls to review the Soto-Enrile Accord which, if invalidated, pose grave threats to academic freedom and democratic rights.

Rights group highlights militarization, sexual harassment, strafing of indigenous farmers in recent fact-finding mission

Human rights alliance Karapatan strongly decries the intensified militarization in San Mariano, Isabela which has resulted in a spate of violations and harassment committed by the military, targeting farmers and indigenous people asserting their right to land and livelihood.
According to reports gathered from a fact-finding mission (FFM) conducted from August 8 to 10, five companies of the 95th and 86th Infantry Battalion as well as the Philippine Marines have been deployed across 15 barangays in San

Karapatan: Perjury case vs. groups seeking protection against gov’t forces is a retaliatory suit

Today, August 15, leaders of Karapatan, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP), and Gabriela filed their counter-affidavits on the perjury case filed by National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. at the Department of Justice in Quezon City.

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