Our mothers, our defenders: Rights group offer red roses for mothers of victims on mother's day

Karapatan celebrates mother's day by bringing together mothers whose children have been victims of human rights violations under the watch of the Arroyo administration.

Human rights activists joined by children relatives paid tribute to these mothers by offering them red roses as a symbol of solidarity. "We are one with them in the defense of human rights and the fight for justice," said Ruth Cervantes, Karapatan Public Information Officer, a mother herself.

Red roses traditionally represent beauty, love and strength. Cervantes said "We pay tribute to these roses of human rights who not only brought up freedom-loving Filipinos but have likewise taken up the cudgels against tyranny."

Cervantes said, "Our mothers are our defenders. It is from them that we first learn about the virtue of caring and protecting human beings. We salute all mothers who have raised their children to be responsible and freedom-loving citizens."

According to the group, "Perhaps the only mother who did not deserve praise is Mrs. Arroyo who has given motherhood a bad name for sanctioning the killings and disappearances being carried out by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)," said Cervantes during the activity in Quezon City.

"A mother that has become the epitome of evil, corruption and tyranny would serve our motherland well if she will quit her position as president." Cervantes concluded.#