Mothers of human rights violation victims affirm unity against 'terror ma' in Malacañang

Mothers of victims of human rights violations under the Arroyo regime who banded together under the banner of Hustisya! and Desaparecidos today called on the Filipino people to join them "in defending human rights by fighting the terrorist mother that reigns in Malacañang."

They came together to accept the tribute organized for them by human rights group Karapatan for Mother's Day.

The group thanked Karapatan for the accolade and commended the human rights organization for being with them in their quest for justice and helping them become human rights defenders themselves.

Hustisya convener Evangeline Hernandez, whose daughter Benjaline was among the 31 human rights workers slain under the watch of Mrs. Arroyo, said: "We are gathered here today as mothers who have realized that we hold the power to defend our and our children's rights."

Mrs. Hernandez said "Many of us in Hustisya and Desaparecidos are mothers who have lost our children to this dirty war of the Arroyo government.  We are mothers who are united and determined to pursue justice and make Mrs. Arroyo pay for her crimes."

"It is tragic that a mother would sanction the killings and disappearances carried out by the military against other mother's children whose only sin was to speak out against the evils of society," said Mrs. Hernandez.

"How can a mother who has so much power use that power to preside over systematic stealing that has become the hallmark of the Arroyo administration?  How can an ilaw ng tahanan take part in the web of lies and cover-ups when mothers are supposed to illuminate the path to righteousness?" Mrs. Hernandez concluded.###