Another Bayan Muna Member killed by suspected military agents in Compostela Valley Province, Southern Mindanao, Philippines

Danilo N. Qualbar, 48 years old, was headed home at around 5:30 in the afternoon of November 6, 2008, when he was shot to death by unidentified armed men aboard a red XRM motorcycle in Crossing Osmeña in the baranggay (village) with the same name, some four kilometers from the poblacion where he came.  

An eyewitness had alerted the residents that Danilo was stopped by armed men who talked to the victim before he was shot.

Danilo sustained four (4) gunshot wounds.

Earlier that day, Qualbar had told his wife Aurelia that he would go to the poblacion to purchase goods for their household.  Their house in Sitio Nursery is about 30 minutes away from the Poblacion, and about 300 meters away from the 72nd Infantry Battalion detachment of the Philippine Army (IBPA).

Danilo was the cluster coordinator of Bayan Muna (People First) and Public Information Officer of Compostela Valley Farmers Association at the time of his death.

Bayan Muna (People First) is a national political party representing and addressing the grassroots.  In their website, they say, “Our name is our message.  It embodies our core idea and ideals – people first, their interest and welfare above all.”  
Compostela Valley Farmers Association is a farmers’ organization that works for the rights and welfare of farmers in the said province.  It is a member of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (Peasant Movement of the Philippines) or KMP, the nationwide organization of Philippine peasants championing the cause of the tillers’ right to land and to reap the fruit of their labor.

Both organizations, though legal and unarmed, have been arbitrarily listed as “enemies of the state” by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.