Justice for Rebelyn Pitao! Justice for all victims of human rights violations!

KARAPATAN human rights workers all over the country join the Pitao family and the Filipino people in mourning the brutal death of Rebelyn Pitao.

Words are not enough to express our sympathies for Rebelyn’s family and our outrage over the violence that state security forces have inflicted upon her.

Rebelyn is a daughter of a revolutionary but she is no combatant.  In a civilized world, she deserved and should have been afforded protection, especially in a place where there is armed conflict.  But the Arroyo government is launching a dirty war that does not distinguish between civilians and combatants, targeting activists and the families of revolutionaries.

Apart from being her father’s daughter, Rebelyn is Rebelyn.  The twenty-year old lass could be anyone among us - a woman, a teacher, a friend, a citizen and most of all a human being whose rights must be respected.  Like anyone whose rights have been violated, she deserves to be given justice.

We call on the Commission on Human Rights to conduct an impartial investigation.  We challenge officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to present the suspects before a public hearing. 

The killing of Rebelyn and 11 of our kababayans in the first 72 days of this year 2009 indicates that the Arroyo regime will not stop its murderous rampage.  Indeed, as GMA and her minions continuously declare to end the insurgency by 2010, these declarations are carried out on the ground by state security forces implementing the Oplan Bantay Laya (OBL) engendering more killings, disappearances and other human rights violations. This devious counter-insurgency program must be rescinded and its masterminds and implementers must stand trial and punished for their crimes against humanity.

We are enraged as much as we are saddened by the continuing violations and the climate of impunity all over the land.

Truly, words are not enough.  We must link arms with the victims of human rights violations, remain vigilant and defend our rights. 

Let show our courage as we wipe our tears.  Let us resolve to end the fascist Arroyo regime.

Karapatan ng mamamayan, ipaglaban!


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