President Aquino must think twice in appointing Rosales as CHR chief -- Karapatan

The human rights watchdog Karapatan expressed dismay over the impending appointment of former Akbayan representative Loretta Ann Rosales as chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). 

“Our experience bears out that Ms. Rosales has shown bias against human rights violations victims and advocates such as Karapatan,” Marie Hilao-Enriquez said, Karapatan chairperson.   

Enriquez, arrested and detained during martial law, cited the class action suit against the Marcoses filed by the Filipino victims in which former Rep. Rosales created divisions among the victims by agreeing to a compromise settlement with the Marcoses and establishing a separate group of victims that would choose monetary settlement over justice for the entire class.

“Ms. Rosales will not be objective in handling human rights violations cases,” she added, “and will not have sympathy for victims of human rights violations and their relatives. Her dismal performance as Chairperson of the Committee for Human Rights at the House of Representatives marked with prejudice against victims affiliated with our groups and network will taint, if not diminish, the independence of the Commission.”

Over the last years, CHR has gained its credibility because of the willingness of the victims and different human rights institutions to cooperate.   On this note, Ms. Rosales will not be able to earn the trust, confidence and cooperation of the victims and human rights organizations affiliated with Karapatan. 

“President Aquino must think twice in appointing Ms. Rosales. He must heed the call of the CHR to subject the selection of the CHR chairperson to a transparent selection process in which human rights organizations truly working on the ground will also be allowed to voice out their choice,” Enriquez concluded.###


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