KMP member shot to death in front of his wife in Paquibato District Davao City, Philippines

At around 7:30 in the evening of 3 September 2010, Reynaldo Labrador was already resting after a day's driving of a passenger motorcycle.  His children were eating dinner while his wife Leonisa was doing laundry.

Leonisa saw two men standing about a meter away from where she was doing the laundry.  She recognized one of the men as Berto Repe, a CAFGU member.  The other man who was wearing a black jacket and a hat that covered the upper part of his face did not look familiar to her.

They allegedly had a document that they wanted Reynaldo to receive.  Leonisa, knowing that her husband was already resting, stood up and went to where the two men were standing and offered to receive the document instead.  But the men insisted that Reynaldo must receive it himself.  So Leonisa was forced to rouse her husband.

Reynaldo went outside and as he was about to receive the document, the man in black jacket pulled out a handgun and shot Reynaldo in the head. He pumped two more slugs to the victim's chest.  Reynaldo fell lifeless to the ground.  

The oldest daughter, Reylon tried to go to her father but when she saw what happened, she jumped out of the house calling out to the neighbors for help.  Leonisa gathered her remaining children and ran away as fast as they could from the assailant.  She saw the suspects also running away from the crime scene.

When Leonisa came back to her house, she saw these fatal words written on the document the assailants wanted Reynaldo to receive “Demonyo ka! Hiposon ka!” (You're evil! You should be liquidated!)

KARAPATAN-SMR immediately lobbied with the local government units on the speedy resolution of the spate of killings in the city.  This resulted in a hearing sponsored by the Davao City Human Rights Committee on 9 September.

Three days after the death of Reynaldo, soldiers “visited” the family with the clear intention of intimidating them from participating with the local government's intiative.