Marcos is alive in the person of P-Noy’s spokesperson

“There are no political prisoners.”
“We have no political prisoners.”
The first statement was issued by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The second statement was issued by P-Noy’s spokesperson Edwin Lacierda. Marcos’ statement echoes on the lips of P-Noy’s spokesperson 39 years after Marcos declared martial law. It really is alarming to think that Marcos is alive!
The day before the 39th year commemoration of the declaration of martial law, Crisanto Tomarse Fat, 48 year-old political prisoner jailed at the Negros Provincial jail died because of heart ailment. He is one of the 360 political prisoners languishing in jail because of trumped up charges. He is among the 28 political prisoners who are sick and should have been released for humanitarian reasons had this government heeded our call to release all political prisoners.
Crisanto Fat was jailed because he was a peasant leader in Moises Padilla town in Negros Occidental. He led the dialogue between the peasants and the landlords in an ejectment case against the tenants. Yet, he was charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives and was in jail for two years before he died.
This is one clear example of filing trumped up charges against those who fight for their rights –their right to land and a decent life. This is one clear example of criminalizing political offenses.
The government has the gall to say that there are no political prisoners because it has criminalized political offenses conveniently hiding the fact that there are political prisoners under PNoy’s watch.
The inaction to release the political prisoners is the height of this government’s apathy and indifference. Malacanang’s denial that there are no political prisoners is evidence that under this government political repression remains.###


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