Gov’t must use all its resources to find and jail Palparan

“There is no other destination for Palparan but in jail. The government should use all the resources at their disposal to find, arrest and jail Palparan et al,” said Karapatan deputy secretary general, Jigs Clamor.

Palparan, who served as GMA’s henchman, was responsible for hundreds of cases of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and other human rights violations. “Oddly, the butcher General invokes his “right to travel” when he was offloaded in an aircraft bound to Singapore. The human rights violator is now talking of rights. For years, the families of his victims were deprived of a decent Christmas and other significant family occasions when Palparan and his men took away their loved ones,” added Clamor.

“Palparan must be immediately apprehended after the Bulacan Trial Court issued a warrant of arrest yesterday. After Palparan’s failed attempt to flee, the Court must issue a Hold Departure Order to prevent him from leaving the country,” said Clamor.

On May 4, Connie Empeño and Linda Cadapan, mothers of the two missing students, filed the criminal case against Palparan, with the support of various rights and people’s organizations. “The two mothers had to initiate the filing of the case because after almost a year of the Aquino administration, P-Noy hasn’t lifted a finger on the cases against rights violators. They could no longer wait. The Filipino people had to do it on our own,” said Clamor.

The Cadapan-Empeño case against Palparan is among the cases filed against rights violators under the GMA regime. Other cases include the P6-million civil case filed by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) against GMA; the motion to resolve the criminal and administrative cases filed by torture survivors Raymond Manalo and Oscar Leuterio at the Ombudsman; and the civil case filed by the “Morong 43” against GMA and her security officials moral and exemplary damages

“GMA and Palparan’s barefaced acts give us more reason not to be complacent. We will not stop in our quest for justice until Karen, Sherlyn and other victims of enforced disappearance are surfaced and until perpetrators are behind bars,” ended Clamor.  ###

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