On the 13th year of Jonas Burgos’ Abduction: May Justice be Served!

“In a just universe, Jonas Burgos’ abductors should be in jail now and not leading a crucial government agency and heading the government’s task force to save lives from COVID-19,” says Erlinda Cadapan, chairperson of Desaparecidos, the organization of families and friends of victims of Enforced Disappearance.

“But it is such that this system now headed by President Duterte rewards those whose hands are soiled with criminal acts, such as the case of General Eduardo Año who was alleged as one of the perpetrators of Burgos’ disappearance. It is not a surprise then that goons in uniform have been terrorizing the city with their arrogance and abusive behavior in enforcing quarantine rules, having committed enforced disappearance and other crimes in the past,” added Cadapan whose daughter, UP student Sherlyn Cadapan remains missing to this day. 

Desaparecidos, today, in spirit joins the family of Jonas Burgos in commemorating his abduction. “We firmly believe that Jonas’ abduction was the handiwork of the military with the full consent of those in power. Their dirty deeds included covering up for their crime by ensuring that witnesses to the abduction were threatened or discouraged,” Cadapan added.

“But as long as we live, we will always search for our loved ones who are victims of Enforced Disappearance. We will always seek justice whenever and wherever,” Cadapan ended.