On Justice Secretary Guevarra slamming critics of gov’t investigation on political killings

Maybe we should ask Justice Secretary Guevarra the questions that should be asked. Who has the powers and resources to investigate and trace the witnesses in these killings and give them protection? Kami ba? Maybe Secretary Guevarra needs a reminder that we don’t have these resources at hand — but the government does.

Therefore, why is it that, with all these resources that they could utilize and mobilize to investigate the killings if they wanted to, they are failing time and time again to produce credible results? Why do the killings continue? Why is that, whenever an activist is gunned down and killed, they are making all sorts of excuses before investigating their deaths while they are swift to make investigations on other cases?

Why is Secretary Guevarra pinning the blame on us when this is their failure, if not their tacit refusal to actually look into these killings and hold their perpetrators accountable?

Justice delayed is justice denied, and selective or deferred prioritization of investigations is also a clear and undeniable badge of the sheer ineffectiveness of domestic remedies — no matter the amount of window dressing they put up before the international community to create the illusion that domestic mechanisms of accountability are working.

If Secretary Guevarra is really serious in investigating these cases and holding the perpetrators accountable, then the government should allow international bodies like the United Nations Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court to conduct independent, impartial, and credible investigations into these killings.