On the Philippine government's rejection to implement UN OHCHR recommendations

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights received a staggering 893 written submissions and 793 individually signed template-based letters. It had discussions with government representatives. It has validated the data received from numerous sources. It interviewed victims and witnesses. It has formed its conclusions and recommendations based on its independent and impartial process — and it has concluded that the human rights situation in the Philippines is rapidly deteriorating.

For Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and the Duterte administration to baselessly smear these conclusions as "faulty," given the process conducted, is an indication of its shunning of any and all forms of independent study and views on the rights situation in the country. It is nothing but a blatant and desperate move to evade accountability amid growing opposition to the Duterte administration and its bloody reign of State terror.

The Duterte administration should stop its charade of lies and callousness, and with this statement from the Philippines, it is imperative that the UN Human Rights Council pursue an independent investigation on the Philippine human rights situation, which is a decisive and important step to aid in delivering justice and accountability.


Cristina Palabay
Karapatan Secretary General