Karapatan hits PNoy's double-standard justice

The national alliance of human rights groups in the Philippines, KARAPATAN, hit  President Benigno Aquino III  for "double-standard justice" on the case of the detained Morong 43 health workers when he said during the press conference in Malacanang that he leaves it to the court to decide on the fate of the Morong 43.

What we said from the start was right when the President admitted that the evidences were wrongly gotten and the person in the warrant of arrest is not among the arrested health workers. 

But he did not correct the mistake by ordering the Solicitor General and the military to withdraw the trumped-up charges to pave the way for a smooth and speedy court order to dismiss the case and immediately release the Morong 43.

 “Yung evidence wrongly gotten cannot be used, therefore it cannot prosper. However, the matter is before the courts. Again, nasa jurisdiction nila. So yung courses of action, we would want to rectify the situation but that will have to undergo sanction by the courts that have already taken cognizance of the case,” Aquino told reporters.

"He freed the mutinous soldiers by sheer political will, even before the courts could decide on their case, but is unwilling to do so with the Morong 43 health workers illegally searched, arrested, detained and tortured by the military. What is this but double-standard justice?," KARAPATAN acting secretary-general Jigs Clamor said.

"Pnoy has one set of standard for the military and another for their victims. He can overturn Justice de Lima's IIRC report but cannot lift a finger on a clear case of injustice," Clamor added.

"We shall continue to press for the immediate and unconditional release of the Morong 43 and all political prisoners," Clamor ended.###


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