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Karapatan reiterates call to junk terror bill amid another arrest of an activist

Twenty lawmakers reportedly withdrew their "yes" votes on the Anti-Terrorism Bill. This is a big and unprecedented number. There is a visible and growing clamor to junk the Anti-Terrorism Bill, and yet the rubber stamp Congress has now sneakily transmitted the bill to Malacañang yesterday, June 9, serving it on a bloody silver platter, just awaiting the president’s signature.

On the Philippine government's rejection to implement UN OHCHR recommendations

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights received a staggering 893 written submissions and 793 individually signed template-based letters. It had discussions with government representatives. It has validated the data received from numerous sources. It interviewed victims and witnesses. It has formed its conclusions and recommendations based on its independent and impartial process — and it has concluded that the human rights situation in the Philippines is rapidly deteriorating.

Rejoinder to Senator Panfilo Lacson

I challenge Sen. Ping Lacson to come out with emailed or received copies of invitations to known human rights organizations in the Philippines whom the Senate invited to the committee hearings. Karapatan and its members only knew about these hearings when media reports quoting generals come out.

Edita Burgos on the ABS-CBN shutdown

We are not only saddened by the shutdown of ABS-CBN; we are also deeply alarmed. For the shutdown to be done on a day after World Press Freedom Day, the message to “tow the line or suffer the same fate of ABS-CBN,” is a clear threat. We are alarmed that soon, other media outlets would follow. Without the freedom of the press, there is the danger of other freedoms to be lost. God forbid, these are the first 'test signs' of curtailing other rights. While the situation limits our option to protest this move, we must do what we can.

Resist attacks on ABS-CBN and press freedom! —Karapatan

Karapatan stands in solidarity with journalists and freedom of expression advocates against this blatant attack on press freedom with the recent National Telecommunications Commission’s cease and desist order against ABS-CBN. It is truly abhorrent that this order comes in the middle of a public health crisis where the free press plays a crucial role in keeping the public informed on relevant, verified, and life-saving information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pulis at militar, kinundena ng Hustisya dahil sa labis na paggamit ng pwersa sa pagpapatupad ng ECQ

Kinokondena ng Hustisya (Pagkakaisa ng mga Bikma para sa Hustisya) ang mga pulis at militar sa labis nitong paggamit ng pwersa sa mga ordinaryong mamamayan upang ipatupad ang mga patakaran nito sa Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

On MPD’s lies regarding the demolition of makeshift homes in Sampaloc

It is dreadful that amid the deplorable situation of the dozens of families whose makeshift shelters were torn down despite the threats of the coronavirus disease, police forces remain relentless in peddling lies to invalidate the legitimate calls of people for comprehensive responses to address the pandemic and their struggle for decent housing. 

Karapatan: Marcosian delusion of martial law declaration will only worsen the pandemic

It seems that, after wasting weeks on ineffective militarist and anti-people policies, President Rodrigo Duterte is now using the Left and the pandemic as convenient scapegoats for his incompetence in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and to condition the public for his Marcosian delusion of a formal declaration of nationwide martial law.

Karapatan: Killing of retired soldier shows no one is safe from Duterte’s “shoot them dead” order

Six weeks into the enhanced community quarantine, President Rodrigo Duterte’s militarist response to the COVID-19 pandemic has only resulted to worse and more brutal attacks on human rights and civil liberties in the form of mass arrests, inhumane punishments, and violence against so-called violators of the “enhanced community quarantine” policies. 

Rejoinder to DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya

Our first brilliant idea is to give Jonathan Malaya a refresher on reading comprehension. It was the Philippine National Police Cybercrime Division together with barangay officials that accommodated the malicious allegations of Joshua Molo’s former teachers and they were the ones that coerced him into filming an apology video repudiating his criticism of the government.

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