Arrests of rights defenders in CamSur signal darker days ahead with enactment of terror law

The arrests of United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) pastor and Karapatan – Bikol Spokesperson Dan San Andres and Bicolana Gabriela Chairperson Jenelyn Nagrampa in Camarines Sur on false charges “signal darker days ahead in the country with the signing of the Anti-Terrorism Act,” human rights watchdog Karapatan said, as the group assailed the arrests and charges as “part of the Duterte administration’s continuing crackdown and criminalization of human rights defenders.”

Karapatan: Keeping Ina Nasino and her baby behind bars is merciless and inhumane

Keeping political prisoner Reina Mae “Ina” Nasino and her newborn baby behind bars is “brutally and grossly merciless,” human rights alliance Karapatan asserted, as the group reiterated its call for the humanitarian release of prisoners — more than three months after Nasino and 21 other political prisoners urgently appealed on the Supreme Court to grant temporary release for prisoners especially low-level offenders, the sick, the elderly, pregnant women, and nursing mothers amid the continuing onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country’s

Karapatan to PH gov’t: Respond to UN experts’ view on susceptibility to abuse of PH terror law

Human rights watchdog Karapatan called on the Philippine government to address and respond to the “very relevant, valid, competent, and independent comments and questions” raised by nine United Nations (UN) Special Procedures on the Anti-Terrorism Act, which the rights group assailed as a “monstrous and draconian piece of legislation that will heavily impact on the human rights situation in the Philippines.”

Karapatan's reaction to Duterte’s signing of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 into law

Rodrigo Duterte didn't even wait for the bill to lapse into law anymore: he knows his time is running short and opposition to his fascist rule is growing stronger by the day that he now desperately needs the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 to conduct his all-out crackdown on dissent.

Nine UN Special Procedures express “extremely serious” concern on violations vs rights defenders in PH

In a recently published communication to the Philippine government, nine United Nations (UN) Special Procedures expressed their “extremely serious concern” on allegations of violations against human rights defenders in the Philippines. 

DOJ inter-agency panel to probe drug war killings a deception tactic to evade ICC investigation — Karapatan

Human rights watchdog Karapatan reasserted its call for an independent investigation of international human rights bodies into the Duterte administration’s “worsening human rights violations and deplorable crimes against humanity” as it assailed the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) creation of a so-called inter-agency panel to investigate the thousands of deaths in the government’s sham drug war.

Duterte’s four years in power: an epidemic of State terrorism, blatant injustice, gross rights violations

With the looming enactment of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, human rights watchdog Karapatan warned that “as President Rodrigo Duterte enters his twilight years in power, he and his militarist lapdogs are now gearing up to unleash in full the horrors of State repression in a desperate effort to consolidate power and secure his fascist dictatorship in the face of growing mass resistance.” The group decried Duterte’s four years in power as “a worsening epidemic of State terrorism, blatant injustice, and gross human rights violations.”

Red-tagging, attacks on rights and environmental defenders intensify amid looming enactment of terror bill

Human rights watchdog Karapatan sounded alarm over the “increasingly worsening attacks on human rights activists and environmental defenders” amid the looming passage of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 as the rights group decried the military’s red-tagging of Josephine Parra-Porquia, wife of slain human rights activist Jose Reynaldo “Jory” Porquia, as well as the arrest of seven anti-mining Lumad leaders in Misamis Oriental.

Rights group lauds 31 UN experts’ statement on PH, decries continuing killings of rights defenders

Rights group Karapatan today welcomed the statement of thirty-one (31) Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UN HRC) released on Friday, June 26, 2020, calling on the UN HRC to “establish an on-the-ground international investigation into the human rights situation in the Philippines” and “to initiate, whenever possible, governmental sanctions and criminal prosecution against individual Philippine officials who have committed, incited or failed to prevent human rights abuses.”

Karapatan warns terror bill will embolden State forces to commit torture, rights violations

As the world marked the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture yesterday, June 26, human rights watchdog Karapatan warned that the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 will “alarmingly enable and worsen the use of torture and other brutal forms of state violence in the government's counterinsurgency and counterterror campaigns.” 

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