Karapatan dares PNoy to stop killings as three more activists are slain

The human rights alliance Karapatan denounced the latest extra-judicial killings by suspected state forces of BAYAN MUNA activist Rodel Estrellado of Barangay 3, Malilipot, Albay and B’laan tribal chief Rudy Dejos and his son Rody Rick Dejos of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.

“These are despicable crimes that should be denounced by our people and the international community. As the Aquino government talks peace, his troops are once again on a killing spree,” KARAPATAN spokesperson Jigs Clamor said.

On the 25th anniversary of EDSA 1: A crying need to fight for human rights

AS THE NATION celebrates the victorious people’s uprising to oust the fascist dictatorship of Marcos in 1986, we in the human rights alliance of KARAPATAN reaffirm our commitment to defend and fight for the human rights of the Filipino people.

In support of the GPH-NDFP peace talks, Karapatan calls for release of all political prisoners

WITH the formal peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) about to resume this week, the human rights group  KARAPATAN calls on the Aquino administration for the unconditional release of all political prisoners in the country.
“This would be a gesture of goodwill on the part of the government,” KARAPATAN spokesperson Jigs Clamor said.
Militant groups and peace advocates will march to Mendiola on Monday to support the resumption of talks between the government and the NDFP.

Reyes' death should bear on the conscience of the AFP officers' corps -- Karapatan

WITH THE SHOCKING death of former Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Gen. Angelo Reyes, the human rights group KARAPATAN commiserates and condoles with the family even as it expressed  its regrets “that one uncovered trail of corruption within the AFP has been smeared by blood.”

His death should bear on the conscience of the AFP, particularly its officers’ corps,” Karapatan spokesperson Jigs Clamor said.

Inquiry shows AFP not only rights violators but plunderers as well?


Karapatan: Gov't should look beyond the plea bargain

KARAPATAN lauds Heidi Mendoza.  She not only upheld government accountability as a public auditor. She dared face the powerful military institution to unravel a can of worms of plunder and corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) – at the risk of her own and her family’s security. 


KARAPATAN asks Secretary de Lima to junk the NBI-DOJ panel findings on Co slay

Human rights group describes the DOJ-NBI fact-finding team report on Lenard Co and company as another piece of garbage that shields the military in their culpability in the massacre of respected botanist Lenard Co and staff last year in Kananga, Leyte.  

HR Day marked with the Aquino govt's withdrawal of charges vs the Morong 43 as “fruit of the just struggle for human rights"

COMMEMORATING International Human Rights Day in the Philippines, KARAPATAN and other human rights defenders assembled at the Welcome Rotunda in QC and formed a human chain of thousands along the entire stretch of Espana St. in Manila at noon today before marching towards Mendiola.

In Malacanang, Pres. Aquino ordered the Justice Department to withdraw the information against the detained Morong 43 health workers.


On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, we commend the Filipino people’s militant struggle for freedom and democracy and their international solidarity for defending and asserting human rights. This struggle has become more important and necessary with the worsening human rights violations and continuing impunity under the administration of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

Karapatan to Pnoy: Stop retaliatory tactics against the Morong 43 on hunger strike!

The national human rights alliance Karapatan today called on the attention of the Philippine government authorities to stop the retaliatory tactics against the hunger strike staged by the Morong 43 political prisoners in the Camp Bagong Diwa detention center. 

“Nothing has changed under Aquino” -- Karapatan

THE NATIONAL human rights alliance, KARAPATAN, presented to the public its 2010 Human Rights Report saying that the violation of civil and political rights is “getting worse” and that “nothing has changed” in the rights situation under President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

“From the 18 killed in the last six months of Macapagal-Arroyo, there were already 20 victims of extra-judicial killings in the first four months of Pres. Noynoy Aquino,” KARAPATAN Chairperson  Marie Hilao-Enriquez said.  “Contrary to his promised change and daang matuwid (straight or righteous path), PNoy not only did not pursue justice for the victims, he is adding more victims to the already long list.  His promised ‘cases of extrajudicial killings need to be solved, not just identify the perpetrators but have them captured and sent to jail’ statement has fast become an empty forgotten promise as killings continue without let up.  In fact, perpetrators have become more atrocious and impunity is worsening,” a distraught Enriquez bewailed.

The report covered documented data up to the end of October this year.

"PNoy's designation of Col. Domingo Tutaan, Jr. as the new chief of the military's so-called Human Rights Office is an alarming message that no essential change will take place in the character of a repressive state," Enriquez added. “For a start, we ask how can Col. or soon to be BGen. Tutaan investigate his brother Lt. Col. Federico Tutaan in his unit’s involvement on the killing of the renowned botanist Leonard Co, and his companions?  This early,   the officer is already denying that they made an error in mistakenly identifying Co’s party as rebels and washing off his hands of culpability, ” Enriquez quipped.

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