Duterte term-ender and 2022 Marcos Jr year-end report

Duterte term-ender report – Rodrigo Duterte and His Crass Legacy of Mass Murder and State TerrorThe Rodrigo Duterte regime ended in June 2022, in what seemed to be the longest six years in the recent history of the people’s movement’s advancement of human rights and justice in the Philippines.Duterte had left an indelible legacy of impunity and a massive human rights crisis, half of his term under a pandemic which had worsened the people’s suffering with the government’s failed pandemic response. Issues of corruption were simply swept under the rug, as he tried to save himself and his allies from accountability.2022 Year-end Report – An Unbroken Chain of Fascist BrutalityFerdinand Marcos Jr. and his running mate, Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter Sara Duterte rose to power through elections widely seen as fraud-ridden.From the beginning, the Marcos Jr.-Duterte tandem had been considered as a partnership forged in hell. The Dutertes’ role in rehabilitating the sordid Marcos name was reinforced when Rodrigo Duterte allowed a hero’s burial for the elder Marcos. In exchange, Marcos Jr. pledged to block efforts to hold Rodrigo Duterte accountable for his crimes, specifically in his bloody war on drugs, once he came to power. As an added quid pro quo, Sara Duterte agreed to wait for her turn to be president and accepted a lesser role in the new regime.