ILPS Commission 3 Solidarity Statement on the Palestinian Political Prisoners' Hunger Strike for Freedom and Dignity

The International League of People's Struggle Commission 3 is in solidarity with the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees, as they go on a collective hunger strike for "Freedom and Dignity." 

In their fight for self-determination, more than 7,000 Palestinians are imprisoned by the Zionist Israeli government without charges or trial. Their struggle for freedom and dignity is their struggle for liberation from occupation and oppression as a Palestinian nation. 

It is also a form of resistance against US imperialism and the ills it brought to their country. Adopting the US counterinsurgency programs, the Israeli government brands Palestinian activists and freedom fighters  as terrorists to legitimize violations on human rights and international humanitarian law. 

The hunger strike, which was launched on April 17 Palestinian Prisoners' Day, puts emphasis on a number of key demands of the Palestinian prisoners which includes family visits, access to proper and adequate health care, education and phone calls, as well as an end to abusive conditions and ill-treatment against the prisoners such as administrative detention and solitary confinement. In addition to humane prison conditions, the prisoners also called for the end of unjust detention and imprisonment without charge or trial, and for the freedom of the Palestinian political prisoners. 

The Commission 3 (Defense of Human Rights at the Collective and Individual Levels in the Civil, Economic, Social and Cultural Fields) of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle is in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national freedom and dignity. We encourage all supporters and political prisoners of all nations, and member organizations of the ILPS, to take join in the campaign and conduct actions and activities in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian people.

Free all Palestinian political prisoners and all political prisoners of the world!
Victory to the Palestinian People's Struggle!