Enough of B. S. Aquino, Corrupt and Brutal Ruler! Never again to another Marcos dictatorship!

(Statement on the visit of BS Aquino to Europe)

(Statement on the visit of BS Aquino to Europe)

 13 September 2014

view with utmost indignation the visit of Philippine president BS Aquino to
Europe from Sept. 14-20. His visit on an expensive chartered flight is a
waste of the people’s money better spent on the victims of typhoons and housing
and employment for the country’s urban poor and millions of jobless Filipinos.

and his coterie will be traveling around Europe principally seeking to
repair what is, in fact, the irreparably damaged image of his regime’s
supposed ‘righteous path’ that has been exposed to be rotten and crooked before
the eyes of the Filipino people and the international community. He will beg
for increased political and material support from major European governments as
his regime suffers political isolation in the Philippines and further sinks
into the quagmire of corruption scandals involving the theft of public funds by
his family and close allies not seen since the time of the Marcos dictatorship.

is following the footsteps of the much-hated dictator Ferdinand Marcos by
seeking an extension of his term despite being forbidden by the Philippine
constitution, which he will try to dismantle by using the fiscal resources of
the government that is under his absolute disposal.

concerned citizens and residents of Europe, we demand answers on several urgent
issues affecting the Filipino people:

is the money raised in Europe for the rehabilitation of the victims of typhoon
Yolanda (Haiyan)? Where is the rehabilitation, almost one year after the


are the trillions of pesos of public funds used as "pork barrel"
under such names as Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), etc.? Despite
having usurped absolute control over public funds, how come essential social
services remain starved of much-needed funds?


all the posturing on defending Philippine sovereignty on the issue of China’s
claims, while on the other hand, signing the Enhanced Defense Cooperation
Agreement (EDCA) allowing US troops to occupy every corner of the Philippines?


is justice and human rights under Aquino’s regime? Gross and systematic
violations of human rights persist despite having received large funds from the
EU to enhance human rights in the Philippines! There is still no justice for
two European citizens murdered under Aquino’s counterinsurgency scheme —
missionaries Fr. Pops Tentorio of Italy and Willem Geertman of the Netherlands.
He won’t rein in impunity, because he knows that his Oplan Bayanihan equals
human rights violations.


continue to hype about the country’s supposed economic progress, when it’s only
Aquino’s clan and business allies that benefit, and that the majority of the
people continue to suffer under very poor and inhuman conditions? Why hype
about progress when the number of Filipino migrants in search of jobs continues
to increase in Europe and the rest of the world?


the continued intransigence in continuing peace talks with the National
Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) towards a just and lasting peace,
which the European Parliament has endorsed?

We join in solidarity with the Filipino people in firmly opposing BS Aquino’s
scheme to extend his term and become another Marcos. Aquino´s ambition to
become another Marcos assassinates the democratic legacy not only of his
parents, but all of those who fought and died fighting the Marcos dictatorship.

We join the people in calling for the prosecution of ALL involved in the pork
barrel scam and all forms of corruption — from BS Aquino to his close
political allies and family members. We call for an end to impunity and a stop
to the political killings! We call on the solidarity of our European friends to
join us in asking European governments: STOP political support and aid to the
corrupt, oppressive, fascist, puppet and rotten Aquino regime! 

Initial Signatories:


*    International Coalition for Human Rights in
the Philippines (ICHRP)

*    BAYAN Europe

*    Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines
– United Kingdom (CHRP-UK)

*    Filipino Refugees in the Netherlands

*    ICHRP-Rome, Italy

*    MIGRANTE Europe – (Migrante Austria, Migrante
Denmark, Migrante Geneva, Migrante Milan, Migrante Netherlands,
Umangat-Migrante Rome, Ugnayan ng mga Pilipino sa Belgium, Migrante-UK,
Filipino Domestic Workers-London, Filipino Scholars in Berlin, Concerned
Filipino-Germans in Berlin and Hamburg, Makabayang Samahan ng mga



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International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) 
and Honorary Chairperson of the Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines –
United Kingdom (CHRP-UK)
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