It is high time that Apollo Quiboloy is arrested and brought to justice.

Quiboloy, the self-anointed head of a religious cult, is nothing but a racketeer who has used his power and influence to sexually exploit his followers and force them to engage in a variety of shady deals, all for his benefit. As the owner of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) which airs the red- and terrorist-tagging program “Laban ng Masa,” he has also been instrumental in providing the notorious NTF-ELCAC (National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict) with a platform for its vicious campaign of lies and disinformation against activists, revolutionary groups, the opposition and communities.

Like his close ally Rodrigo Duterte who fears the possibility of arrest by the International Criminal Court, Quiboloy is beleaguered on several fronts. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have cited him in contempt and ordered his arrest for his refusal to appear before a congressional inquiry into SMNI’s franchise and a senate investigation on allegations of sexual abuse from former members of his cult. He also faces charges before a Pasig City court for the non-bailable offense of human trafficking, for which he may be issued a warrant of arrest. On top of this, he is wanted in the United States for sex-trafficking, among other crimes.

The world is shrinking for Apollo Quiboloy. Sooner or later, in one way or another, he will run out of places to hide and be meted justice.