On the dismissal of cases vs cops involved in Bloody Sunday killings

The dismissal of the motion for reconsideration filed by Rosenda Lemita, mother of slain Chai Lemita-Evangelista who is among the victims of killings during the Bloody Sunday incidents in Southern Tagalog, by Justice Department’s panel of prosecutors is another proof of the Marcos Jr. regime’s disinterest and even contempt for justice and accountability in the Philippines.

You have nine victims — all killed by the police who acknowledged and even bragged about conducting the operations — and yet you have zero perpetrators indicted, after more than two years when the bloody operations were conducted. How obviously skewed our justice system is when it comes to delivering justice for the poor and oppressed!

Karapatan remains in solidarity with the kin of victims in the Bloody Sunday incidents, and we vow to continue to stand with them and all victims of human rights violations, amid this intensified climate of impunity under Marcos Jr.