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Karapatan monitor2

KARAPATAN Monitor April-June 2008

The decrease in number (of extrajudicial killings) while a cause to congratulate is likewise a cause to condemn because it merely shows clearly who are behind the extrajudicial killings,” states Prof. Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.


The 2007 Year-End Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Philippines

The year 2007 is a dangerous time for the Filipino people as state terror, impunity in human rights violations and general lawlessness grip the nation. The government of Gloria Macapagal-arroyo has done little to stop the political killings and disappearances except take token steps to assuage local and internationale outcry. On the other hand, the …

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Karapatan monitor

KARAPATAN Monitor January-March 2008

KARAPATAN Monitor is a ­quarterly update of facts and figures covering human rights violations. It aims to provide the public timely national data from reports gathered by the Karapatan national network.

karapatan report 2005

Karapatan 2005 Human Rights Report

The Philippine human rights situation in 2005 can be characterized by the wanton use of repression and state terror by a scandal-rocked President desperately clinging to power in the face of the people’s rejection. The Arroyo regime suffered its worst political crisis this year as evidence of cheating and electoral fraud began to surface in …

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