Detained volunteer teacher asks help from Pope Francis

“I believe that we are one in the cause of justice for the poor people. With this, I appeal for your help for the release of all political prisoners in the Philippines,” thus wrote detained volunteer teacher Rhea Pareja, one of the 491 political prisoners in the Philippines, in a letter to Pope Francis. 

Mothers of two youth political prisoners write to Pope Francis

In anticipation of the visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines next year, the mothers of the two University of the Philippines students abducted in August wrote to His Holiness for him to “intercede in the quest for freedom” for their sons Guiller Martin Cadana and Gerald Salonga. 

Andrea Rosal appeals to Pope Francis for her release--SELDA

“I appeal for your help. I believe you can do something for my release… I wish you consider my plea,” said Andrea Rosal in a letter to Pope Francis.

​Andrea Rosal is among the many political prisoners who asked Pope Francis to intercede for their release. Rosal said, “I am the daughter of the late Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, former spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines. I am detained at the Taguig City Jail because of trumped-up charges. The government considers my parents its enemies. By affiliation, the government arrested and jailed me despite my pregnancy.”

Just like the release of Cuban 5, SELDA calls Pope Francis to intercede for the release of political prisoner

As the group hails the release of Cuban 5, SELDA also called on Pope Francis to intercede for the release of youth political prisoners Guiller Martin Cadano and Gerald Salonga and all political prisoners. 

Political prisoners write letters to Pope Francis, to hold fast on his arrival

As the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines nears, political prisoners gear up to be heard. Many political prisoners wrote letters addressed to the Pope to call for support for their freedom. 

Political prisoners go on fast, call for release and end to criminalization of political acts—SELDA

Countdown to International Human Rights Day
Political prisoners in the Philippines launched a 7-day fast today, as members of the International League of People's Struggle (ILPS) commemorate the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners. The fast will last until December 10 the International Human Rights Day. 

Female political prisoners in Taguig City Jail calls for immediate release of Miradel Torres--SELDA

A statement released by female political prisoners at the Taguig City Jail (TCJ) called on BS Aquino to free the mother and child, as an early Christmas present. "Sa kaso ni Maria Miradel Torres at ng kanyang sanggol na naging bilanggong politikal na din mula pa sa sinapupunan hanggang nitong unang mga araw niya sa mundo; mahigpit naming hinihiling sa Pangulong Aquino na ibigay na sana niya sa mag-ina, bilang maagang pamasko ang agad nilang paglaya."

SELDA hits BS Aquino’s claims board "Never again will we become victims"

SELDA criticized the Human Rights Victims Claims Board (HRVCB) for continuously refusing to state categorically that it recognizes as victims the 9,539 members of the class suit against former Pres. Marcos in 1986. Aside from the 9,539 class suit members, there are also 24 direct action plaintiffs who have been recognized and verified by the US Federal Court in Hawaii.

Immediately release ailing political prisoner Benny Barid—SELDA

The Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA) calls on the Department of Justice to immediately release political prisoner Benny Barid, 54, on humanitarian grounds. 

ML activists renew call "No to dictatorship! Never again to martial law!"--SELDA

"We ousted a dictator before. We can do it again!" This is how the martial law victims and their relatives expressed their resolve not to allow the resurrection of dark days of martial law. 
Martial law activists stormed BS Aquino's home to protest Aquino's signs of a dictator 

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