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2014 – New section for Feature articles, either from Monitor, or contributed articles

Unjust Justice

by Wurmadan A. Anni, Alyssa Kathleen H. Arnaldo, and Raizza Kanille Rabasol They say justice is blind, that justice is objective and impartial. It does not judge based on skin color, gender, or even on how much money one has. Justice, they say, merely looks at the facts presented in front of it — or …

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Jailed mother and her fighter

He will only go with people in a yellow t-shirt. Baby Payter (Tagalog pronunciation of ‘Fighter”) was about to be brought out Taguig City Jail Female dorm away from his mother, Miradel Torres, a political prisoner who is detained there, along with hundreds of women detainees wearing yellow tshirts.         

Ideals and Iron Bars

"When I was a kid, some of my teachers, pag nalalaman nilang political prisoner yung dad ko, pinagsasalita ako in front of the class.” Dimpy Jazmines, 43, son


For more than four years now, peasant leader Alexander “Ka Alex” Arias, 61, has continued to suffer cruel and unwarranted detention, compounded by the snail’s pace of justice in the Philippines.    

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(Fr)Eedom is coming

As a new administration enters Malacañang with the promise of change, Maricon “Eedom” Montajes and over 500 political prisoners hope for a chance to be free.      

On Justice Guarina’s “Economic Nationalism: Voices from the Past”

The very well-written article "Economic Nationalism: Voices from the Past" (Commentary, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 24, 2014) was for me quite refreshing, considering that it was surprisingly written by a former high court official, retired Court of Appeals Associate Justice Mario Guarina III.  

Camp Bagong Diwa, during martial law and now

About 30 years ago, the Marcos martial law regime was claiming to have supposedly already “normalized” the country’s situation, that accordingly necessitated the imposition of martial law in September 1972. In actual fact, the Marcos martial law regime was then still persisting with its fascist dictatorship.